Workflow Tools

Giving you the tools to control your asset workflows

Workflow has been a bit of an obsession with us over the years, whether it has been within our own innovative solutions to asset management, or integrating with cutting-edge DTP systems.

Empowering you to take control is the name of the game as far as we’re concerned and our state-of-the-art Workflow Suites are now outperforming everything in sight.

Picdar’s Media Mogul® Workflow Suites provide a seamless set of components supporting the tight integration of QuarkXPress and InDesign systems with Media Mogul, so that publishing is more efficient and controlled, allowing more time for creativity and quality. Integration means:


Retrieval of documents from Media Mogul.
Archiving and creation of document versions in Media Mogul.
Retrieval of assets for use in documents using a drag & drop interface
Generation of a PDF and archiving of documents and the creation of a link between them.
Archiving and creation of asset versions in Media Mogul, and the generation of links to the associated PDF.
Embedding asset metadata within pages.
Handling “copy” as Word, or InCopy, documents.
Handling images in standard formats.
Creating workflow requests for image components stored in Media Mogul.
Substituting low resolution images with high resolution images directly from Media Mogul.
Generating thumbnail size image representations of all pages of a document.

You’ve never had such choice…

Media Mogul’s Quark XPress and InDesign Workflow Suites support tight integration between Media Mogul and professional document production, performed using either QuarkXPress XTensions, or InDesign Plugins.

Both Suites enable efficient transfer and manipulation of digital pictures and documents between Media Mogul and your chosen DTP environment, thus enhancing the efficiency of the document production process and making latest assets available to other DAM users as soon as possible.

Always discreet…

Media Mogul’s Quark XPress and InDesign Workflow Suites offer discrete functions that are plugged into the QuarkXPress or InDesign application to provide seamless functionality. Discreet they may be, but their impact on your workflow is profound.

Why use Media Mogul Workflow Suites?
Because they reside within the DTP application, are fully integrated with it and confer many of Media Mogul’s functions onto QuarkXPress or InDesign.

Better still, they are designed to be flexible and work in different environments, alongside other third party products such as Photoshop. Their primary purpose is to:

Enable rapid production of documents saving effort and meeting deadlines with ease.
Allow efficient management of low and high resolution images.
Track the use of assets.
Provide version control of documents.
Provide easy access to the raw DTP file, and original complete assets and ease their re-purposing and re-use, saving money and generating new income.
Integrate fully with Media Mogul access control facilities.
Integrate seamlessly with other common desktop tools, including Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop.

Always supportive

Media Mogul’s DAM solution supports almost any format of digital image, and this functionality is extended into QuarkXPress and InDesign through the Workflow Suites.

Putty in your hands…

Picdar’s Workflow Suites are not just a technological “fix”. Our modules, whether used separately or combined, provide a unique flexible solution.