Picdar’s digital asset management and workflow solutions allow simultaneous management of huge volumes of publishing, marketing and branding material, enabling you to gain sustainable competitive advantage and growth to your bottom line.

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Manage and control all your media files With Picdar’s Media Mogul® solution, you can readily manage all your digitised files such as images, graphics, movies, recordings, text, logos, documents and web pages.

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Big Brother’s Little Brother – Picdar’s Regional Newspaper Edition has been developed from our market leading Media Mogul Picture Desk and Library systems, now being used in anger 24/7 by 85% of UK National Newspapers.

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Take end-to-end control – With the emphasis on immediacy, Picture Desk is designed for newspapers and magazines that need to handle an incoming flood of images and provide an effective picture workflow throughout all publications and titles.

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Two solutions, one problem – Picdar’s Media Mogul Workflow Suites provide a seamless set of components supporting the tight integration of Quark Xpress and InDesign systems with Media Mogul, so that the publishing cycle is more efficient and controlled.

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“Media Mogul is light years ahead of anything else which is out there” says Allan Marshall, outgoing Director of Associated Newspapers.

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