Helping you to understand your requirements

Successful implementation of Digital Asset Management systems is not simply about choosing the right software and equipment.In our experience you need a complete service to ensure that the solution fits in with your local business requirements, working practices and other systems.


Accordingly, we provide a range of services and products geared towards successful implementation and lifetime operation of your complete solution.

You will have two primary points of contact with Picdar.

The first is your Picdar Project Manager, who remains your contact both during the initial implementation and throughout the lifetime of your system. He or she will, with your help, develop a sound understanding of your requirements and will co-ordinate the delivery of your solution. Once the system is up and running, your Project Manager will keep in contact to ensure that your Picdar solution continues to meet your needs as your business and technology changes.

The second is our Support Operation, which deals with immediate problems with your operational system, sorting out your day to day questions and implementing workarounds and fixes.
Implementation services

We can provide a wide range of services in connection with the supply of our Digital Asset Management systems including:

helping you to specify your requirements
tailoring software to suit your needs
designing and developing content-based intranets and websites
configuring equipment and systems software
delivering effective, tailored user and technical training
supporting you on-site when you first start to use the system
converting your assets and data from your old legacy systems.

Support and maintenance services

We provide a very responsive support service which covers all aspects of the software and equipment supplied. We are happy to take full responsibility for the software, hardware and the grey area in-between, leaving only routine operations tasks such as tape switching for backups to be carried out by local personnel.

The services include:

Help desk: a help desk responds to general “how to” enquiries and is the initial point of contact for any system problem.
Diagnostics and fixes: following a support call, our trained engineers will dial in to your system (normally over ISDN line, subject to your security protocols) to investigate the problem and apply workarounds and fixes. This means that most problems can be diagnosed and resolved quickly without travel delays, whether you are just down the road or half way across the world.
Equipment support: we provide equipment support in conjunction with specialist hardware maintenance companies, normally the manufacturers, who can provide the required speed of response and stocks of spares. We provide value by diagnosing the exact fix required, co-ordinating the hardware engineer, and ensuring that the fix is applied effectively and with knowledge of the local system configuration. Our service is highly effective as we can provide a single point of expertise and information relating to any system-related problem.
Updates and enhancements: Picdar is continually enhancing its software solutions. The support service includes regular upgrades with enhancements to performance and functionality.

The basic service operates on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00 and are happy to provide extended services, up to full 24 hour support, 365 days per year, for business critical systems.