Picdar Prisma™ WCM Suite

Bringing creativity and control together

Picdar’s Prisma™ WCM Suite lets you manage the production, serving and updating of your websites and your other New Media channels.

Controlling the content publishing lifecycle of your websites is complex, with the potential for embarrassment and unanticipated costs if it accidentally goes wrong. With the media and channel neutral Picdar Prisma, you can take total control of the full lifecycle, including assembly, publication, and expiry of content.


Saves time …
by allowing you to publish new releases to your website very easily
Works alongside the creative process …
by integrating seamlessly with best-of-breed authoring packages such as Dreamweaver® and GoLIVE®.
Minimises costs …
by giving you total control of production overheads, and maintenance and allowing you to make changes speedily but safely
Maximises control …
by allowing your digital assets, including brand collateral, to be used only within the parameters you have setSpanning the entire gamut from asset storage and control, through intelligent content delivery to site administration and monitoring, Picdar Prisma turns the WCM jigsaw into a set of perfectly matched pieces.

Devised to separate actual content from the way it is presented, Picdar Prisma addresses the need for:
• Straightforward running and maintenance of website structures
• Simple management of content components with tools such as versioning, configuration, automated linking, and searching
• Easy handling of the publishing and expiration of content to the live website
• Archiving of web content so that you can always know – and substantiate – what was made public at any given time.

Easily manage & repurpose content

Content is managed and repurposed using the Active Content Layer which can power bespoke web applications or provide “traditional” page composition using templates and separate content.
Site design is completely flexible, and the extensive range of Picdar’s Application Building Components (ABCs) provide ready-built tools for everything from shopping baskets to e-commerce. Being channel-neutral, it can deliver to WAP and DiTV as easily as the more traditional WWW.

Full control and monitoring of sites

Site administration and monitoring is handled by the Site Control System, which allows every site to be managed from one place. The structure of each site can be viewed and navigated, and the system provides site access statistics, keywording, size control, go live/dead dates and automatic revision roll-over.

The site control system can provide an audit trail of all changes to a site or even a single page, and check-in/check-out tools aid collaborative site development using best-of-breed authoring tools such as Adobe® GoLIVE® and Macromedia Dreamweaver®.

A time-based control model allows a site to be rolled back to any previous version with just a few clicks. Developers can easily pre-flight changes to a site prior to them going live.

End-to-end system

Design to work together, the elements of the Picdar Prisma WCM suite provide an end-to-end solution to web content storage, management and delivery.

Picdar-powered, scalable solution

At the hub of the Picdar Prisma WCM suite is Picdar’s Media Mogul® DAM system. Media Mogul® stores text, pictures, and any other kind of digital asset. This hugely scalable system has a proven track-record with blue-chip companies. Media Mogul® allows assets to be stored centrally, or distributed reliably across multiple sites. Assets can be accessed from anywhere, but the built-in security system ensures that only those authorised can do so.