Picdar Partners

Picdar’s Partnership

At Picdar, we take great care in partnering with companies that provide outstanding complementary technologies and services which will help us deliver a better solution to our customers.


Our Technology Partners
Adobe software – Creative Suite, incorporating InDesign and Photoshop, and Acrobat sit at the heart of many publishing operations.
As members of the Adobe Solutions Network, Picdar and Adobe ensure that our solutions work together seamlessly.


Quark XPress is the tool of choice for many design and publishing operations. Picdar works with Quark, as members of the QuarkAlliance. We are accredited QuarkXPress XTensions Developers, enabling our customers to integrate their publishing, digital asset management and workflow operations.


Oracle is one of the databases certified by Picdar. A member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, we have access to the latest Oracle products and information so can deliver optimum performance to those businesses selecting Oracle as their preferred database solution.

Sun Microsystems

Picdar’s relationship with Sun Microsystems stretches back to the early 90s, and Sun Solaris servers remain one of the platforms certified for use with Media Mogul. Picdar are Sun Solution Associates.

Barclaycard Merchant Services

secure online payments your customers can bank on

Picdar’s web payment transaction technology is powered by ePDQ – a secure online service for card payment authorisation and settlement from Barclaycard Merchant Services.

Picdar’s partnership with Barclaycard Merchant Services – part of the Barclays PLC and one of the most powerful financial groups in the world – lets you take safely advantage of the opportunities the Internet offers for new revenue streams from your digital assets.


Signum Technologies

Signum Technologies is the world’s premier vendor of advanced digital data protection and integrity technology.

Picdar can integrate Signum Technologies’ Suresign Watermarking Module with
Media Mogul® DAM technology to embed invisible identifiers into image
assets. This enables asset owners to track usage and prove ownership,
facilitating copyright communication and protection.



Verity is the leader in business portal infrastructure that connects people with information, allowing users to spend less time looking for information and more time acting on it.

Picdar can integrate Verity K2 Enterprise Advanced Full-Text search engine with Media Mogul® DAM technology to provide ‘best of breed’ solutions.

Verity’s advanced full-text search facilitates the implementation of fuzzy search and concept extraction functions “under the hood” to transparently put the power of sophisticated queries behind simple, one-word searches. This flexibility ensures novice and expert users alike get accurate results without using complex query syntax or understanding your corporate taxonomy.