Picdar E Loader

Are you getting the message?

The move towards email by freelancers and picture agencies is causing many newspapers significant problems in how they manage the growing volume of incoming pictures.

The shift to email presents a massive drain on time to physically handle pictures and creates systems issues where some email servers are simply unable to cope with the load.


Beating the clock…
E-Loader, from Picdar, is designed to scan incoming emails for images and automatically save them within Picdar’s integrated workflow management system from which editors can immediately search and retrieve the most relevant or up to date image available.
No more wasted time…
With E-Loader, picture desk staff no longer have to waste valuable hours individually opening hundreds of emailed images and saving them to the system. Picdar’s E-Loader will automatically scan all incoming Post Office Protocol (POP-3) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP-4) mail servers for images and store them within the easy search database.
Multi-format, automatic failover…
E-Loader offers extended support for Postscript file formats, automatic failover between data base hosts and automated failover between alternate mail servers in addition to its ability to handle an even wider range of file formats.
Can you afford to be without it?
In such a competitive market, the faster a picture editor can respond to a good image the quicker they can take advantage. E-Loader product is a vital tool for picture editors to automatically manage email picture feeds. Available as a standalone product, or as an integrated part of Picdar’s Media Mogul software, E-Loader is fast becoming a vital tool on picture desks across the UK. Based on eXtensible Markup Language (XML), E-Loader is fully Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) compliant and supports encoding systems such as, Base64, uuencode and BinHex.