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Out of sight, front of mind – Media Mogul® DAM Solution

Manage and control all your media files for easy and timely enterprise-wide access.

With Picdar’s Media Mogul® solution, you can readily manage all your digitised files such as images, graphics, movies, recordings, text, logos, documents and web pages – ‘digital assets’ – so enabling easy and timely enterprise-wide access and feeding efficiently into traditional and new media publishing channels.

Saves time and money …

by making it easy to find and reuse your new and existing digital assets from across the business

Enhances the quality and consistency of your end product – across disparate global locations …

by providing fast access to a wider choice of assets, by giving you control of how they are used globally, and by allowing more time for the creative process

Provides dynamic, progressive workflows …

by working as the integral part of your publishing process and handling current content and active data as it moves through the publishing cycle

Opens up pathways to new revenues …

by making the process of syndication much easier and generating new web income streams

Digital assets can be the lifeblood of your business and so have a distinct business value. Increasingly, they exist only in digital form so managing them effectively has never been more important.

Media Mogul® is the catalyst for optimising workflow processes and time-to-market for critical tasks such as publishing, web content management, digital rights management, printing and marketing.

Capable of holding all types of assets and content, Media Mogul® easily takes on millions of data files and records the links between them. That means, for instance, that you can immediately see which sound files or images fit with which text, and how they appeared in the finished published product.

Find the things that sod’s law buries

Digital assets often don’t lend themselves to structured categorisation, so in Media Mogul® we have implemented powerful searching tools which will work for you however structured or unstructured your data is. These tools are inherently flexible and rapid, for when you know exactly what you want (“product reference number JY139”) or where you saw it (“the print and TV campaign images and videos from last May”) and for when you don’t (“a picture of a happy family eating outdoors”).

Assets can be searched for using information about the assets themselves (“metadata”) – for instance usage information or descriptive data. Where appropriate, you can also search for text embedded within the assets, such as the words in a leaflet or a book. Media Mogul® provides a choice of search tools, with huge underlying power and sophistication. These can be presented to occasional users very simply, while your regular power users can apply the full sophistication of Boolean logic, synonyms, word proximity and so on. The links between assets mean you can navigate between those that have been published together – from an image, to text, to the page where they were published – and between different versions of assets.

Delivery of the assets to your own desktop, or to others, is rapid, flexible and secure, thanks to Media Mogul’s® versatile architecture.

Powering dynamic workflows

As the market’s most effective digital asset management system, Media Mogul® encourages company wide communication and sharing of information with your partners, suppliers and customers for optimum efficiency and a modern approach to product and content delivery. Media Mogul® supports and feeds into various publishing workflows, whether for new or conventional media.
Much more than an asset repository, Media Mogul® boasts a multitude of efficiency and functionality options – FastFlow™ elements – that power highly dynamic workflows.

For instance, you do not have to tie up individual desktop machines loading large volumes of assets. Media Mogul® has an Acquisition System which will collect and load all manner of digital assets rapidly, en masse, from a variety of sources (including email). It can check their integrity and perform modifications as required – for example by mapping data and creating different versions for different purposes.

Other FastFlow™ features include routing tools that enable you to push assets to departments or users who need to see them (and hide them from users who should not even know they exist); SmartCrop and other image selection tools which ensure that image workflows are efficient and effective; ordering systems that enable you to communicate requirements about single assets or batches of them; and interfaces such as Quark XTensions that enable you to integrate your content fully into the publishing workflow, while keeping full control and records of asset usage.

Extreme scalability without compromise

Recognised for its user-friendliness and rich functionality, Media Mogul® is a totally scalable, extensible system able to maintain unparalleled performance and reliability throughout an extensive range of configurations and database sizes. It also offers attractive revenue opportunities by giving you controlled syndication via the Web.

Extraordinary resilience

A true client/server system, the Media Mogul® architecture is designed from the ground up to provide highly resilient enterprise-wide solutions both from the perspective of asset delivery and of metadata management. Media Mogul® can be implemented as a centralised or a distributed system, and guarantees a fast, reliable performance to very large numbers of concurrent users, over internal networks, wide area networks and the Internet, through standard browser software.

Your choice: from enterprise-wide capacity…

If you have highly complex, enterprise-class requirements, Media Mogul’s® options, components and modules unite to form a solution unique to your needs. This, combined with Picdar’s support and DAM expertise, saves you time and money, and liberates you from having to develop and support your own expensive systems.

… to solutions that appeal to smaller operations

Media Mogul’s® range of editions also address the requirement for simpler solutions and moderate levels of requirement. These editions enable companies who require hosted, entry level or workgroup solutions to benefit from Media Mogul’s® exceptional functionality, sophistication, and speed.

Media Mogul’s® advantages translate into considerable efficiencies throughout the publishing phases. Not only can you create a completely reliable shared repository for your digital assets, you can also employ a distributed, yet fully integrated and streamlined workflow.

This gives you an enhanced return on investment resulting from a much quicker time to market, lower authoring and transaction costs, and new revenue streams.