Regional Newspaper Edition

Introducing Big Brother’s Little Brother

Is your newsroom full of the usual clutter associated with banging out edition after edition?

Are you having trouble finding the right images to use on local workstations, or from the piles of CDs lying around the office? Does finding that archived image involve trying to remember what day it arrived on the ISDN or email and where it went after that? And are you getting fed up of relying on old copies of the paper to tell you what you wrote last week?


Media Mogul RNE is Picdar’s Regional Newspaper solution that helps you solve all of these issues in one go.
It is everything you’d want from a national system in a local system configuration and is crammed with the quality features you’d expect from a company with 20 years experience in the field.

Media Mogul RNE has been developed from Picdar’s market leading Media Mogul Picture Desk and Library systems, now being used in anger 24/7 by 85% of National Newspapers. It retains all the essential elements you’d expect from its Big Brothers, but is now available in a package to suit you.

In short, Media Mogul RNE:

Permits long-term image archiving of images, stories, fully made-up pages and entire editions.
Provides real time control of images as they move from the photographer’s camera to the printed page.
Saves you time and money.
Enhances and improves the consistency of your end product.
Provides automated image workflows around your organisation.
Allows greater re-use of existing work.
Frees up time to produce new products using the same content.
Opens up new opportunity to add revenue generating opportunities such as readers’ prints, syndication and licensing.

Key features:

Works in tandem with other systems including Quark, InDesign and Photoshop.
Controlled access to the system by centrally managed personalised passwords and user permission.
Supports XML for simpler and more uniform web-related publishing.
User friendly with easy to navigate interface for search, location, selection and retrieval.
Robust architecture derived from Picdar’s long history of providing digital asset management solutions
Unrivalled expertise and customer service from a team accustomed to exceeding expectations.

Digital Asset Management solutions from Picdar offer unrivalled business benefits, 24/7 support and guaranteed peace of mind.