So many images, so little time – Media Mogul LiveLink

A simple solution for a complex business

If mankind can go to the moon then anything should be possible!

Not quite. As a busy picture agency you have hundreds of event images coming in every day, but are you in a position to distribute them quickly to an expectant world before your competitors do?


Even in this day and age, surely nothing happens in a flash? But Picdar have 20 years experience in asset management systems and in the pressures that instant delivery of content generates.

We pride ourselves on taking the technological hassle factor away from agencies who would rather spend time concentrating on the service they provide.
Which is why we have come up with Media Mogul LiveLink, something that allows your customers to access your images at any time from anywhere.
Media Mogul LiveLink is a hosted web system for your picture agency, designed to distribute and sell your images directly to your business customers, wherever they are.

Media Mogul LiveLink features an automatic image upload system. The very latest images are made immediately available to your subscribers via your very own live picture desk website.

Key features:

Easy upload of images from anywhere.
Simple searching with Picdar’s powerful free text search engine.
Easy to use.
Automatic refresh always keeps the latest images right in front of your customers’ eyes, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.
You decide who is allowed to see your images.
Regular customers can download images themselves.
Hosted in professional class data centre, which means no disruption to agency operations.
Provides subscriber information for billing purposes.
The guarantee that Media Mogul LiveLink is supported by people who understand the dynamics of your business, because we have over ten years experience of running picture desks and distribution systems for picture agencies and your customers.
Media Mogul LiveLink can handle huge volumes of image records and will grow with you.

Media Mogul LiveLink, not rocket science, but near enough!