Picdar Hosted Solutions

Hosted Media Mogul®: simple, efficient, expandable

The concept of a secure and accessible Digital Asset Management solution is a very appealing proposition for most companies.However, if you prefer not to locate the software, hardware and expertise at your own site at this time, Picdar still has a solution for you.


Picdar’s Media Mogul® is available to you as a hosted option. As a managed, web-based solution, it allows you to combine the security and accessibility benefits of Picdar’s software portfolio whilst exploiting the potentially limitless market offered by the Web.

Following a simple registration procedure, Picdar specialists customise the website to your specification. Once up and running, the website is maintained and managed by Picdar.

All formats of digital assets are supported. Furthermore, Media Mogul’s® tremendous scalability virtually guarantees that you will find it appealing – whatever the size of your company and nature of your industry.

The hosted Media Mogul® provides the perfect balance of efficiency, capability and value for smaller operations – or pilot projects – without your having to place the software, hardware, and staff at your own site.

Why Media Mogul, what’s in it for you?

• Media Mogul, in all its forms, is recognised as being rich in functionality, with an easy to navigate user interface for search, location, selection and retrieval of digital assets. It is also easy to integrate with Desktop systems like Quark, InDesign and Photoshop, as well as your own corporate systems and databases.
Media Mogul is a totally scalable, extensible system able to maintain unparalleled performance and reliability throughout an extensive range of configurations and database sizes.
Media Mogul supports XML for simpler and more uniform web-related publishing.
Media Mogul runs on Unix and Linux servers, and is accessible from Macs (using both OS9 and OSX), PCs and Web browsers. Picdar also has unrivalled expertise and customer service from a team accustomed to exceeding expectations.
Media Mogul control costs by managing rights and providing controlled access to Individual (expensive) assets.
Media Mogul can re-purpose content easily into new products and media, because it is all accessible from a single place.
Media Mogul presents opportunities for quicker time to market, because it reduces the elapsed time to create and approve new content – whether it is marketing collateral or the published product itself – which gives revenue earlier and can enable you to secure agreater market share.
Media Mogul cuts cost by making it easy to re-purpose what you already have for different needs.
Media Mogul allows you to generate new revenue from the same content.