Picdar is the leading supplier of Digital Asset Management solutions.

Picdar has been established since 1984. During this time it has been a pioneering force behind the progress of Digital Asset Management. Picdar solutions power some of the largest and busiest DAM solutions in the world today.



OWNERSHIP: Picdar is a privately owned company.

NATURE OF BUSINESS: Develops, markets, supports, and services software and systems for companies that wish to manage and re-purpose their digital media assets. Picdar’s systems enable customers to improve their control of digital assets so that they can cut costs and improve their time-to-market.

OVERVIEW: Picdar is able to assist customers choosing to use digital asset management (DAM) and Workflow products by providing software solutions and managed systems.
Picdar builds high performance, scalable digital asset management and workflow solutions that can be run from the desktop or as a web-based application. Providing dynamic workflows it is capable of storing and managing collections, ranging from a few hundred assets on a single PC to millions of assets indexed by millions of words, distributed on many servers on a wide range of platforms, or through the web.

The most flexible, scalable and secure multimedia DAM solution currently available, Picdar’s Media Mogul® DAM solution allows users to store, retrieve, distribute and manage any number of digital assets, in any format.

Media Mogul maintains relationships between millions of assets – irrespective of whether they are stored as text, images, graphics, advertisements, documents, web pages or publications.

A managed, Web-based solution that combines security and accessibility benefits whilst exploiting the potentially limitless market offered by the Web.

Picdar tailors the Website to the customer’s specification. Once up and running, it is maintained and managed by Picdar. All forms of digital assets are supported and the scalability of the system ensures that it appeals to companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.

SERVICES: Picdar has developed superior technology and solutions that form the basis for delivered systems implemented at customers’ sites. The company also provides hosted, managed and web-based solutions situated at Picdar’s own premises.

CUSTOMERS: Picdar is the UK market leader for providing DAM and Workflow solutions to publishers and corporates. Most UK national newspapers, including the Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, FT, Telegraph, Guardian, Scotsman and Economist use Picdar systems. Magazine and book publishers including BBC Worldwide, Jane’s Information Group, EMAP, Dennis Publishing and Mortons of Horncastle also use Picdar’s technology, along with charities, police forces, travel groups, financial services businesses and agencies.

VERTICAL MARKETS: Picdar works with publishers, first and foremost (both print and new media) and with large and small businesses which rely on printed and new media “publications” to market and support their business. Picdar operates in a wide range of public and private sector businesses of all sizes, from global corporations which require the sophistication of Picdar solutions, to smaller enterprises relying on Picdar’s managed solutions.

KEY FACTS: Devises standard as well as shape-to-fit solutions to address customers specific needs
A ‘one stop shop’ with a full, high quality service
Highly scalable, robust and flexible software architecture
Proven expertise in all aspects of digital asset and web content management
Continuous development to meet market/customer demands