Picdar Business Continuity

A disaster recovery service for Picture Desks

In this day and age suddenly losing everything at once isn’t that far fetched an idea. Have you ever thought about how you’d produce your next edition if all your systems were out of action?


Picdar’s Business Continuity Services uses LiveLink software to provide a disaster recovery service for newspapers in the event of emergencies, enabling you to:

Safeguard against major interruptions to live image feeds by providing access to an alternative web-based feed.
Immediately transfer to emergency editorial sites.
User access is easily handled and managed with a password control system.

Feeds may also be adapted to your specific requirements and can include Wire Agency material. Picdar also enables you to re-direct ISDN numbers to a dependable line at Picdar for the period of the emergency and provides a back-up library for clients with Picdar library or syndication sites.