Bringing Brand To Life

Bringing your brand to life
All it takes is a bit of joined up thinking

Giving out mixed messages can be dangerous in business, which is why presenting a consistent image is vital. But with the increasing number of media channels, and the ever increasing demand for a fast turnaround, keeping your brand collateral together can be a challenge.

As a brand manager your digital content is used everywhere from corporate brochures, letterheads, websites and direct mail material to posters and CD-ROM covers.

Life can be further complicated by the number of people involved in handling this material. There are copy writers, photographers, creative staff, editors, designers and all this before the production department is reached, let alone your printers and distributors.

At every stage someone will need access to branding collateral connected with what they are trying to produce. More often than not, this will need to be reviewed by someone else. This can be a chaotic process involving email, fax, or even stuffing things in envelopes and posting.

And if that is not nightmare enough, how much are you forking out to re-create images, graphics and other material when something already exists – and using your creative people to do it when they should be spending their time more productively!

Your brand is arguably one of your company’s most valuable assets and creating an identity around it has cost you money. But creating an identity is all very well, managing it afterwards is vital. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make it easy for your people, your suppliers and your distributors to have access to your brand-related material 24/7?

Enter Media Mogul from Picdar, the market’s most effective Digital Asset Management system and the perfect solution for organising all your brand-related digital content such as logos, artwork, promotional material, photographs, graphics, text, and web pages. Having all this in one place saves you time and money, while enhancing the quality and consistency of your message.

But there is more to managing all this stuff than simply sticking it in a library. Once harnessed it needs to be used effectively and efficiently as part of your daily routine. Media Mogul not only enables you to control all your brand-related material from a central location, but external access is strictly controlled, giving each person access only to the files you want them to use.

Media Mogul really comes into its own when that big product launch comes around, so there is no need to tear your hair out as the big day approaches. It makes communication so much easier, cuts down on the time it takes to get things approved, enables you to find resources quickly and can reduce the time to market by weeks.

It also enables you to seize opportunites like quickly getting your message to retail outlets and resellers. And you could suddenly find yourself automatically feeding the agencies you collaborate with, or the suppliers who will be applying your branding. And then there are the newspapers using your material to illustrate articles your press relations team has worked so hard to get them to write.

As time goes on and the volume of branding material expands Media Mogul can grow with you and still maintain unparalleled performance and reliability throughout an extensive range of configurations and database sizes.

Media Mogul, in all its forms, is recognised as being rich in functionality, with an easy to navigate user interface for search, location, selection and retrieval of digital assets. It is also easy to integrate with Desktop systems like Quark, InDesign and Photoshop, as well as your own corporate systems and databases.

Media Mogul runs on Unix and Linux servers, and is accessible from Macs, PCs and Web browsers. Picdar also has unrivalled expertise and customer service from a team accustomed to exceeding expectations.