About Us

Picdar is the leading supplier of Digital Asset Management solutions.

Picdar offers unrivalled experience in the digital media management arena and has a long track record as a solution provider.

Because we understand the technology of digital media, from the bottom up, and have always engineered our projects based on that understanding, we are able to build sophisticated software packages that will deliver commercial benefits for our customers.
As we take a long term view of relationships with our customers, we always put heavy emphasis on reliability, scalability and performance. This means we continue to provide service and value long after the customer has signed on the dotted line – and continually invest in improving our products.In 1986 Picdar supplied Europe’s first live, mass storage image archive using optical disk technology, one of the earliest implementations of a true DAM solution.

Since then businesses of all descriptions are using our systems. Newspaper groups, publishers, news and picture agencies, broadcasters, holiday firms, charities, libraries and manufacturers are amongst our diverse and expanding client base.

A customer once said of Picdar products: “Once users started to see what the system could do, they wondered how we’d ever lived without it.”

We’ve been delivering on expectations like this for 20 years and our objective remains the same.